Working Sessions

For information or questions, please contact the specific conference’s organizer, mentioned in Conferences or in past programs there.

Ometeca Journal and Other Aspects

For current information or submissions, please get in touch with the Editor, Prof. David Dalton,  See Journal: Submissions for instructions on submitting articles.  You may also contact Dr. James D. Anderson, Managing Editor/Treasurer (below), with respect to other aspects of the Institute.

Subscriptions and Orders

For journal subscriptions, book orders, and financial matters, please contact:
Dr. James D. Anderson, Treasurer, Ometeca Institute, 6510 Main St. #112, Miami Lakes, FL 33014 (USA); tel. 727-641-0391; e-mail:


In order to accomplish the goals of the Ometeca Institute, we need the assistance of interested persons.  Tax deductible, financial contributions are gratefully accepted.  Please contact Dr. James D. Anderson, Treasurer (above).


If you have questions or problems, or you would like to provide feedback, please e-mail: Prof. Alicia Rivero, Webmaster,