A Special Edition in Honor of Kevin S. Larsen

Cover (Photo provided by Prof. Conxita Domènech, U of Wyoming)

Cover photo provided by Conxita Domènech (U of Wyoming)

Excerpt from Preface

Jerry Hoeg, Editor, states in this Special Volume for Kevin S. Larsen (in memoriam 1952-2014):

“This special volume . . . is dedicated to our late friend, colleague, and scholar, Kevin S. Larsen (Ph.D., Harvard, 1983).  Kevin was president of the Ometeca Institute and instrumental in organizing our conferences, maintaining our journal production and, most of all, setting an example of scholarship that will stand the test of time.  Kevin was truly a man of letters,” as well as “an example . . . of integrity,” and “he will be sorely missed. . . . This volume is but a small token of the great debt the scholarly world, and many others, owe him.”

Consulting Editors: Dale J. Pratt (Brigham Young U) and Juan Carlos Martín (Stone Hill College).


Husbandry and Wifely Wiles: Cervantes’ Zoraida as ishsha zarah and as eshet hayil, by Kevin S. Larsen: p. 11

“El Sur” y el intento fracasado de reconciliar las identidades eruopea y criolla, by Jordan A. Parry: p. 23

La renuncia de “El femater” de vicente Blasco Ibáñez: La ruptura entre la capital y la huerta valenciana, by Conxita Domènech: p. 40

The Tattered Edges of Science: Cajal and the Limits of the Scientific Sublime, by Dale J. Pratt: p. 51

Narrating Brazil from North to South, East to West, and Back Again, by Eva Paulino Bueno: p. 66

Love in the Time of Violence: Insurgent Places in Laura Restrepo’s Narratives, by Beatriz Rivera-Barnes: p. 83

El desconcierto de la palabra en la poesía de Blanca Castellón, by Luis A. Jiménez: p.  101

Tecno-femeninas y tecno-feministas: una aportación crítica en torno a la configuración del sujeto artificial femenino en la ciencia ficción española, by Juan Carlos Martín: p. 114

“Benedictos los montes do est’ santo andido”: El valor terrenal y celestial de la naturaleza en la obra de Gonzalo de Berceo, by Jacob Price: p. 125

La sociolingüística en un programa de lenguas a nivel universitario, by Irene Checa-Garcia: p. 143

Leisure of the Theory Class: My Summer conference, by Jerry Hoeg: p. 163

Viaje maravilloso del señor Nic-Nac al planeta Marte [Chapters 1-4] by Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg. Trans. from Spanish by Ana Lucía Alonso and Sam Smiley: p. 181