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Loss Pequeño Glazier, Luna Lunera: Poems al-Andalus (San Francisco: Night Horn Books, forthcoming November 2019). This collection of poetry includes the print articulations of his array poetics quartet, “Etymon”, “four guillemets,” “The Not-Moth,” “Mudejar, Alcázar” and “Al-Andalus.”  The digital versions of two of the works are linked on his author’s page, and “The Not-Moth” is at  See also some of his work in vol. 23 (2017) of the Ometeca journal.  Contact Dr. Glazier at Transparent Mountain Poetries, POB 2230, Franklin NC 28744. He is the Director, Electronic Poetry Center (EPC), Professor Emeritus, Media Study, SUNY Buffalo.  Visit

Archived: Selected Items

Book, reviewed in Ometeca, vol. 23, 2017: Candelas Gala, Sinergias: Poesía, física y pintura en la España del Siglo XX (Madrid: Anthropos, 2016).  It is the Spanish translation by Palomo of Gala’s Poetry, Physics and Painting in Twentieth-Century Spain (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2011) about those topics viewed in works by Salinas, Guillén, Larrea, Diego, Alberti, Méndez, and García Lorca.

CFP (Now Closed): 2017 Special Section of Letras Hispanas on “Contemporary Iberian Ecocriticism and New Materialisms,” Editor: Luis I. Prádanos, Miami University (Deadline: June 1, 2017). The global proliferation of ecocriticism and environmental humanities is significantly enriching the depth and scope of literary and cultural studies worldwide. Iberian cultural scholars will definitely benefit from participating in this vibrant global debate as well as contributing to it. This special section aims to provide a platform for consolidating the theoretical and critical convergence of Iberian cultural studies and environmental humanities. We will consider essays dealing with contemporary Iberian cultural manifestations that are informed by theoretical and critical approaches related to the environmental humanities in general (e.g. ecocriticism, ecofeminism, animal studies, posthumanism, new materialisms, etc.). Letras Hispanas: Revista de Literatura y Cultura is a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal.

Blog on “art, science, and literature that explores the question: What is a ‘scientific american’?” at  Sam Smiley and Ana Lucía Alonso have published translations of the Argentine science fiction writer and scientist’s work, Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg, in the Ometeca journal and online.  Their work in progress is at the above link.  See also their collaborative translation of another text by Holmberg, “Horacio Kalibang o los Autómatas,” Ometeca 18 (2003). Contact: “sam” at