Erlangen Center for Literature and Natural Science (ELINAS)

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Their site states:

“A Forum for Dialogues

Can physics be poetized? Is there a rhetoric of physics? Physics and literature represent two diametrically opposed ways of viewing the world. In combination they could develop a productive potential. At present however, no institutionalised dialogue exists.

The interdisciplinary research-centre ELINAS aims at creating an institutionalised infrastructure for research, dedicated to the reciprocal transfer of knowledge between physics and literature. The center is concerned with the importance of language and metaphors in physical research as well as with discursive and narrative modulations of scientific theories in literary texts.”

See also their current Call for Papers for the Annual Conference of the Society for the History of Science and the other “Events” at their website, which include other conferences and workshops.

Their site discusses their research focus, publications, teaching, and outreach.