The Ometeca Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to examining the relationship of humanities and science

Ometeca: a word from Nahuatl, meaning “two in one”: humanities and science

The Institute’s purposes are: 

  • To explore the connections between the humanities and science through our scholarly journal, Ometeca, publications of pamphlets and books, and through workshops and conferences.  See “Journal,”  “Publications,” and “Conferences.”
  • To generate theory about a unified view of the humanities and science. This would help to create and integrate a new paradigm.
  • To probe the interrelationships of the humanities and science in Hispanic (Spanish American, Peninsular, and U.S. Latin@), as well as Luso-Brazilian literatures and cultures.  Such a transdisciplinary focus provides a limitless resource which has not been fully plumbed to date.

Faith — religion, spirituality — is a component of the humanities.  Thus, another possible focus for theory, conference papers, etc., is to compare faith and science, since the Ometeca Institute hopes to foster interaction between the humanities and sciences.  However, the Ometeca Institute is non-sectarian and ecumenical in a broad sense: it does not espouse any particular view.

Since 1992, we have had Working Sessions of our conferences at universities or other cultural institutions in the U.S. and internationally.

  • In a Working Session, papers to be presented, or outlines, or abstracts of them are circulated in advance. This way, all members can discuss and contribute to the development of new theoretical approaches.  See “Conferences” and “Call for Papers.”


We need your assistance in order to accomplish the goals of the Ometeca Institute.  Tax deductible, financial contributions are gratefully accepted.  Please Contact Us